In 2014 the CEO of Aventura Spine and Wellness Centers approached us to create an AD for Aventura Magazine. At the moment he had one clinic located in Aventura, Florida. His dream: to help people in pain across in South Florida while spreading a positive image and message.

ONE AD for One Magazine

aventura mag.png

The AD in the magazine placed Dr. González in the media, as a Spine Doctor using modern techniques. The message and image were powerful and this is how our journey began. Next Step: The Website. It needed to be optimized to match the brand’s image and voice. The brand and company were quickly expanding and a second location was added in Miami under the care of Dr. Sandee Bristow. Because Aventura is a regional name, the company name changed to Spine and Wellness Centers of America and a new logo, based of the original one, was born.

Website Optimization


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